[CT Birds] Various reports, and a couple of my own

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Apr 11 22:11:23 EDT 2010

 From Ted Gilman:
4/10/10 - Greenwich, Audubon Center - AMERICAN KESTREL briefly perched on snag near nature center; BARN SWALLOW flying around nature center
building in early evening

 From Jan Collins:
4/10/10  Vibert Rd. South Windsor  2 PM
8 COMMON SNIPE,   Station 43 pond,  1 PIED-BILLED GREBE
Ninth District/Hutton Rd fields Somers  4 PM

 From Roy Harvey:
04/10/10 - Derby, Osbornedale State Park -- most notable bird was a Pine Warbler back behind the Kellog Center.  I've had them in the same spot in past years.
Naugatuck, Naugatuck State Forest -- More Pine Warblers down the trail behind the first green gate.
Beacon Falls, Mathies Park -- And another Pine Warbler in the pines along the NW corner of the pond.
04/11/10 - Southbury, Bent of the River Audubon Sanctuary -- Still way too early for many migrants, but I did get my first-of-the-year Palm Warbler (along the last stretch of river bank next to the open fields, a typical spot for them there), Louisiana Waterthrushes (one by the pool where the beaver loop trail splits from the river trail, the other up on the main "road" at the pool near the intersection with zig-zag and tulip tree trails) and a singing Winter Wren (a short way up the cascade trail, audible from the employee parking lot).

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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