[CT Birds] Wooster Park/Pond, Stratford Oriole, belated report of WCSP

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 12 11:53:17 EDT 2010

4/12, Wooster Park/Pond (10:40-11:15a)-


(1) Baltimore Oriole (FOY)

(6) GW Teal (all paired)

(1) Great Egret

(1) Belted Kingfisher



I got super muddy, but no Solitary today.  Only 2 Killdeer.  No other migrants.  Very large amounts of herps, including several copulating turtles.  I watched, and photographed a series of, two BC Chickadees excavating the end of a dead birch branch.  Both very much apart of construction.


4/10, brush pile on southern end of Stratford dump (on the left of the entrance booth/weigh spot), around 8:30a-


(1) White-crowned Sparrow


Just that makes birding awesome.  I was working, waiting in line, and got to see a beautiful bird.




I wanted to put my $.02 in on the discussion of early blooms and bugs.  I have a photograph from last year, on April 28th of a flowering pear tree that all the migrant sonbirds love (especially the Orioles and gnatcatcher).  Right now, it is in the same state of bloom as it was last year, but 2 weeks earlier.


Seeing as how the migrants are coming in slowly, is there a possility they take advantage of the (always) earlier blooms to our south and give us a slow spring migration??  As far as songbirds go.



Enjoy birds and this weather!






Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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