[CT Birds] Knox Preserve, Stonington/Lambtown Swamp, Ledyard

Larson Eric eric_r_larson at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 12 17:05:27 EDT 2010

8:30-9:30AM  Knox Preserve, Stonington - North of Amtrak - Northern Harrier hunting in the cornfield, two of the nesting Osprey were swooping at it but didn't drive it off, 5 American Robin, 7 Brown-headed Cowbird, 12 Red-winged Blackbird, 2 Goldfinch, 1 Northern Flicker, 4 Song Sparrow, 3 Vesper Sparrow, 3 House Finch, 4 Blue Jay, 8 Common Crow, 2 Fish Crow.   South of Amtrak (the strand) 2 Brant, 12 Red-breasted Merganser, 5 Northern Mockingbird skirmishing, 3 Song Sparrow, 1 Great Egret


3:30-4:30PM Lambtown Rd Swamp, Ledyard - 2 Palm Warbler, 5 Eastern Bluebird, 3 Titmouse, 5 Black-capped Chickadee, Common Grackle, 8 Red-winged Blackbird, 9 Canada Geese, 2 Kildeer, 6 female Hooded Mergansers.  


This is the third time I've been out to swamp and seen only female Hooded Mergansers (roughly the same number each time, and always in a tight group).  Where are the males?


Eric Larson

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