[CT Birds] Walden Preserve

Dana Campbell dana.l.campbell at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 21:49:49 EDT 2010

4/12 - Salem - Walden Preserve - Louisiana Waterthrush along the Knife Edge
Trail (Eightmile River), Singing Field Sparrow, and the usual local birds.
My FOY Wood Tick.  Hmmm.  I watched some very nervous looking Bluebirds
trying to defend their next box against four pairs of Tree Swallows who were
all fighting over it.  This is a beautiful little preserve with lots of
fields.  Quite a butterfly haven.  But do watch out for the ticks.

Also:  Nehantic State Forest lovers take note.  The road is in poor
condition this year following the heavy rains.  Parts are washed out.
Better not to drive your Prius here.  High clearance vehicles are advisable.

Dana Campbell, Priest in Charge
Church of the Good Shepherd, Hartford
dana.l.campbell at gmail.com

"The hummingbird in flight is a water-spark, an incandescent drop of
American fire, the jungle's flaming re'sume', a heavenly, precise rainbow:
 the hummingbird is an arc, a golden thread, a green bonfire!"
--from Ode to the Hummingbird
 by Pablo Neruda

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