[CT Birds] Hammo, East Rock

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Mon Apr 12 23:24:24 EDT 2010

When I arrived at Hammo this am around 9:30 and pulled up to  the "swan 
pond" west of the rotary, a bird immediately flushed from the  shoreline and 
flew to the far side.  It turned out to be a Little Blue  Heron.  It fed there 
for about 10 minutes, then took off and circled the  pond and campground 
for at least 5 minutes.  Finally it flew off to the  west, but I could not 
relocate it down at the west end  marsh.
On the way over to Meig's Point I spotted a raptor in a  roadside tree, 
obviously an accipitor.  I believe it was a juvie  Sharp-shinned hawk, as it 
appeared tiny, no bigger than a fish crow.   However, it did have a very 
obviously rounded tail, molting perhaps?  Later  I saw a Sharpie take off from 
the marsh at Willard's Island carrying a Red-wing,  possibly the same hawk.  
Near the intersection of the 3 paths at the North  end of Willard's there was 
a Brown Thrasher in the underbrush.  
I stopped at East Rock on the way home, and saw basically  nothing near 
ground level.  However, circling over the river  I  spotted 2 Osprey, one with 
a fish, a Red-tail and, the surprise of the day, a  Peregrine Falcon at 
tree-top level, right overhead.  
Hammo pics:

Don Morgan

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