[CT Birds] Eastford Ospreys

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Wed Apr 14 07:07:56 EDT 2010

I'm relieved to say that our Osprey pair at the Eastford marsh  off US Rt 
44 are finally together on their nest.  I checked as recently as  last 
Thursday and, as far as I could tell, there was still only one bird  present, 
flying around the marsh and occasionally calling.  Here's   link to some 
pictures of the pair.  If they don't load at first, please hit  refresh on your 

When I started watching, the female was sitting alone on the  nest.  She 
called a few times and  eventually the male flew in and  settled down next to 
her.  For a few minutes they just sat and looked  around.  Rather suddenly, 
the male took off and headed for the back of the  marsh.  I followed him 
with my binoculars, and found he was headed for  a  Red-tailed Hawk who was 
circling over the trees.  They circled each  other for a while, and once, the 
Red-tail made a brief feint towards the Osprey,  but eventually he spiraled 
up and away.  However, the Osprey remained  circling at a "beyond naked eye" 
distance.  In a minute I realized why, as  an immature Bald Eagle cruised 
across the marsh, fortunately without  pausing.  Even though I needed 
binoculars, the female watched the entire  proceedings with interest.   
There is a great deal of Great Blue Heron activity now,  including one nest 
quite near the Osprey tree.  I'm not sure there are  as many as last year 
though, as I had counted 12 active nests and I haven't  found that many yet 
this year.
Don Morgan

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