[CT Birds] Still More About White-throated Sparrows

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 15 19:05:11 EDT 2010

It is all context, it's all territory.  The song of a WT Sparrow in my backyard in April, or at East Rock Park into early May, is the tired old hum-drum song of winter.  But the identical song heard up at Mohawk S.F. in late May, is magical.  I react totally differently and am so thrilled to hear it.  
This discussion also reminds me of a sad statement made several years ago at the COA Annual Meeting.  The presentation was on Boreal Forest conservation.  If we don't get over our love affair with Scott towels, we may someday hear a lot less of the song of the WT Sparrow.
Steve Mayo

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