[CT Birds] The Eagles are back - for a while anyhow

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Thu Apr 15 19:59:33 EDT 2010

I went to Mansfield Hollow today and walked down old Rt 89 at turnip  
meadows. As soon as I got to the water I looked across and 2 adult Bald Eagles  
were sitting in the top of the snag on the corner. I'm sure it was the same 
pair  that was around until the ice went out, as they knew the area and 1 had 
a band  on 1 leg. I managed to get a couple of pics of 1, but the other 
flew as soon as  I got there. Band can be seen in the pics. I'm afraid they 
won't be around much  once the fishing season opens on Sat. 
I also had 1 Palm Warbler and at least  2 Pine Warblers in that area. 
I went through boston hollow in Westford, and  found 3 Northern 
Waterthrushes, 2 Blue-headed Warblers, a White-throated  Sparrow, a Chipping Sparrow, 
and of course, lots of Song Sparrows, etc. I saw 1  TV but no hawks, and no 
Ravens. There is a major logging operation going on in  there, and I don't 
know if that will disrupt the normal residents. No sign of  Winter Wrens.



Don  Morgan

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