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Sat Apr 17 13:53:09 EDT 2010

I would make the three or four dollar investment for a micro fiber 
cleaning cloth if I were you.  They can washed and reused many, many 
times over.  A good method for cleaning is to actually lick the ocular. 
  This is my favorite and, I think, most effective way of getting rid of 
any sand or grit that may be on the lens - important so as to not to 
grind the material into the lens causing permanent damage.  After 
you're sure the lens is clear of obstructions, gently rub in one 
direction with the cloth to clean/polish.  It is very important to 
regularly clean the cloth otherwise you'll just be smudging the lens.  
If you decide to get some lens cleaner, ROR (Residual Oil Remover) is 
by far the best.  Leica and NASA(!) use it.  If used only for your 
binocular and scope, a two once bottle should last about ten years!  If 
you've never cleaned your binoculars, do a before/after and you'll be 
amazed with the difference/improvement.

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