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Sat Apr 17 17:19:04 EDT 2010

CT Birders -

The latest anti- sparrow device is called a magic halo. The Fat Robin carries them.

 It is a wire hoop with fishing line that hangs off it. I tested it out over the winter on the bluebird meal worm feeder. Did not have a single sparrow enter the feeder. I currently have applied it to one bluebird box that has been hit by sparrows in the past, that the female had laid 4eggs. Felt she was committed and attached it. The next day there was five eggs and she was incubating. This bluebird pair is nearby the sanctuary and most likely had been at the feeder with the hoop all winter so was accustomed to it.

Managing house sparrows -  As Paul said you must reduce the population to a small number if you ever want to stand a chance on having other cavity nesters.  I can remember when there was over 100 sparrows here. Now there is maybe a handful hanging around. Do not feed anything but sunflower or thistle,  these are not so attractive to them. Any other mixed bird seed will have them coming in spades. Do not ground feed. Locate where they roost and disturb them at dark. Locate where they are attempting to nest and make it undesirable.  Thick shrubs, under eaves, sheds all need to be modified so they cannot nest or are in accessible to them. 

Doing all of the above will make your area less appealing subsequently not attracting any more new birds. As long as you reduce your current population you can get a handle on them. It took me seven years of doing battle with them to finally come to terms with removing the males.

Hope this helps!

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT


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