[CT Birds] Silver Sands State Park

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Sun Apr 18 19:26:50 EDT 2010

18 April 2010; Silver Sands State Park: 1 Adult Little Blue Heron in the marsh west of the board walk with 3 Great Egrets.  There are quite a few egrets building or sitting on nests on Charles Island. I could see 1 Snowy, 2 Great Egrets and several unidentifiable white heads in the trees, as well as many stick nests.  There have been egrets sitting on nests in the trees for at least two weeks.. 1 Peregrine flew by heading west.  From the beach: 3 breeding plumaged Common Loons, 1 adult N. Gannet going west , 5 Brant, 2 Long-tailed Ducks flying east, 9 Greater Scaup in the water, 13 courting Red-breasted Mergansers, 3 Scoter Sp heading east (prob White-winged), and 50 Sanderling with 12 Dunlin (molting into breeding plumage) on the jetties to the west. 

Wilcox Park:  1 calling Common Raven flew over the park, coming from the south, and was pursued and chased east by Fish and Common Crows...  a trifecta... and only my second Raven for Milford, and the first right on the coast. 

17 April 2010, Milford Point.  1 Peregrine over the marsh (1 has been around the last week).  The Eurasian Wigeon was in the Marsh, and 2 Turkeys were seen on the grounds and in the neighborhood near Smith's Point.  An Eastern Towhee was calling around the buildings.  

Frank Gallo & Vanessa Mickan

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