[CT Birds] Stratford yard; WTSP

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 10:17:47 EDT 2010

4/19, Stratford yard and wood edges (9:30-10:00a-ish)


(6) Towhees (2 under feeders, 1 singing nd 3 calling from the woods)

(3) Cedar Waxwings (been absent for a bit... they nest here, but Robins exposed of a ton of berries)

(4) Broad-winged Hawks (I live about 1 minute from our Boothe spot up the hill)

(14) White-throated sparrows

(1) Junco (male)

(3) Flickers... fighting, copulating

(2) Northern-rough Winged Swallows

(1) E. Phoebe (heard)



The white-throats do indeed wing ALL the time.  I love a nice winter day when they do a 'half-hearted' version and put a 'poor, sam, peabody' in different orders.  I must say that the males are looking gorgeous in their fresh white throats in the sun.



I can sense some new warblers coming in this week....    Three years in a row, Indigos and White-crowns reach my feeders on exactly 4/28.  However, this was when the flowering pear trees and other flowering trees were still starting to and containing blooms.  As of today, the pedals are falling and leaves are filling it up.  The woods are FILLED with larvae and bugs (especially floating spiders and wood slying wood ants)... so its all set for the songbirds!!

Brian Webster

Stratford, CT
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