[CT Birds] Cormorant Population Question

paul cianfaglione pcianfaglione at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 20 14:23:14 EDT 2010



The assumption that juvenile flounder numbers are falling due to predation by Double-crested Cormorants is certainly false. That theory is solely driven by the commercial and recreational fishing interests who have no evidence to back those claims. 

A quick look at a flounder fishing website reveals that "juvenile flounder swim upright like every other fish and are preyed upon by everything big enough to eat them while they are at midwater" That includes gulls, loons, eels and best of all, every other darn fish in the ocean! 

Every study or article about fish depletion refers to the increase of Cormorants as part of the reason. Right now, NO one has any definite science to back that up. Bottom line is this, forget about the cormorant population trends and focus on what's being dumped in the water and overfishing. 


Paul Cianfaglione

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