[CT Birds] Likely OT: Hi-pitched nighttime single call--Bird, Toad or Frog?

twan leenders tleenders at ctaudubon.org
Tue Apr 20 16:05:38 EDT 2010

While running the risk of getting too much off-topic, I do want to point out that this time of year is peak amphibian breeding season for several species. Contrary to what some people just posted, the nights are alive with frog calls right now. Many places I visited after dark in the last few weeks still have loud to occassionally deafening Spring Peeper choruses, while Wood Frogs, Pickerel Frogs and American Toads are currently breeding (and calling - granted, not all of these have a peep or trill-call), while occassionally you can head Grey Tree Frogs as well. My point is that your call may very well be amphibian at this time of year!

Full disclosure here: I'm a herpetologist by training and have been doing research on amphibians for 20 years. BTW, if you'd like to see pictures of some of my recent herpetological work in Costa Rica, or other pictures of the tropical rainforest project that Frank Gallo and myself are involved, check out the Connecticut Audubon Society blog (http://ctaudubon.blogspot.com) -- I had just posted something on that earlier today!


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