[CT Birds] OT: Toad, Frog or Bird...or now Possibly Flying Squirrel

Barbara Garrett barbaragarrett at optonline.net
Tue Apr 20 17:17:34 EDT 2010

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.  FYI, I have listened to the sounds of the likely toad/frog suspects, but have not found one that matches what I've been hearing.
Also, I believe I know a peeper when I hear one (at dusk and dawn, as the beginning or part of a chorus), but this is not the case.  This sound comes from an individual and it is not clear that there is any response.  The call is one long, strong (as in full-bodied), hi-pitched peep that lasts up to 2-3, possibly 4-5, seconds.

It is a single note held for the entire call and is not a screech, nor a trill.  It is distinct, contained and at a high level of pitch.  I have heard it often enough to know I am hearing the entire call and it is not disrupted by distance, nor wind, etc. I am trying to think of what to compare the sound to, but other than a bird sound, I cannot.  I have heard it at 2AM, etc. and have not been able to fully ascertain its height from the ground, but it seems to be coming from either the ground or lower levels (up to 20-30 feet) of a tree.  It is absolutely not at a high altitude. 

I have listened to the audios of the northern and southern flying squirrel that you have kindly forwarded me.  It sounds not at all like the northern distress call, and somewhat like the southern alarm call, though with much longer intervals.

I'm sorry if this is an OT topic that has taken up too much of the board's attention, but I'm highly suspect that it is some type of bird, and that's why I'm appealing to your for your help.  Is there any bird in this area that sends out calls regularly throughout the nighttime?


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