[CT Birds] RC Kinglet, towhee and mallard ducklings

jayne.amico at cox.net jayne.amico at cox.net
Tue Apr 20 21:17:24 EDT 2010

CT Birders -

RC Kinglets and singing male Eastern towhee continue.

 I now feel these are different r.c kinglets coming through the sanctuary for it to be this constant.

Late this afternoon I glanced out a side window to see a female mallard with 8 newly hatched young trying to get through the fence to the pond on the other side. I quickly ran outside and opened the gate. Mama mallard came through the gate , the babies went through the pickets of the fence. The procession headed to the pond where when last checked she had the family group secure on the small island. Not sure mama mallard made the smartest choice will see how it plays out.

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

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