[CT Birds] Stratford birds

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 21 10:12:43 EDT 2010

4/21, Stratford yard and wood edges (9:30-10a)-


(1) Wood Thrush calling (I like to hear it now, but by August it gets preeeety old)

(2) Black-and-White warblers

(1) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

(5) E. Towhees

(1) Pileated woodpecker

(2) Broad-winged hawks (one a gorgeous dark juvenile)


A palm or pine pop up every once in a while now.  Watched a VICIOUS battle between rival Mockers (feathers plucked).  A group of 6 adult buck White-tails in their spring group (I forgot the word) still here.  All have a tiny bit of antler exposed.  I was able to watch 4 different individuals fight other individuals 5 times.  Standing on back legs, seemingly trying to break the other's skull with it's antlers.  Really just a slap fight!


My normal nesting and migrating buddies need to work on their punctuality.  No Grosbeaks, Indigos, vireos, flys, all but 4 warbs.  One of these days it has to pour migrants.  Today and tomorrow??  I usually have my nesting Blue-wings by 4/17 (only 3 years, but always between 4/16-4/20).

Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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