[CT Birds] Am. Golden Plover, No Cattle Egrets, Guilford

Jacob Musser Jacob.Musser at Yale.edu
Thu Apr 22 00:20:44 EDT 2010

Went to Chittenden Park in Guilford (off Seaside Ave.) around 6 Pm this 
evening to look for the Cattle Egrets.  Unfortunately, there was a 
soccer game going in the park and no sign of the Egrets.  However, in 
the grass closer to the water there were a pair of large plovers, one 
Black-bellied and the other American-golden.  The Am. Golden was still 
in mostly basic plumage although did have a few new blackish coverts 
(probably median) with golden tips and triangular notches along the 
side.  Structurally the golden plover was slightly smaller with a 
noticeably less heavy, and thinner, bill.  Additionally, when it flew it 
showed the characteristic pale axillaries and barred rump and tail.  
Although they did flush they seemed to stay pretty close to the park and 
were still there when I left.

All the best,

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