[CT Birds] Stratford spots, warbler song assistance

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 09:20:51 EDT 2010

4/22, Peck's Mill Pond, Stratford (6:55-7:20a)-


(1) singing Chipping sparrow

(2-3) singing Pine warblers

(1) possible Common Yellowthroat**

(1) waterthrush sps.... dark area, leaning towards Northern due to white on supercillium

(1) asthmatic Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

(3) E. Phoebes (where are the Kingbirds and GC Flys??!!??)

(3) Barn Swallows

(2) Wood Ducks... looks like they will breed here again

(1) Great Blue Heron

(19) DC Cormorants overhead moving due north

(1) adult Bald Eagle (you Boothe hawkwatchers think this guy is on range??)


Non bird sightings included Bull, Wood and Green frogs, a single Red eft (FOY), a large snapping turtle, and an E. Comma butterfly among maybe 3 Mourning Cloaks.  The BH Vireo is no longer there.


**I couldn't locate the bird, but it was clearly a warbler, and all sounds pointed to yellowthroat except a variatins in it's song.  The 'witchity-witchty' was a no brainer, but it had an asending 'wee' at the end. I know from books and birders that the yellowthroat has some intense song variation geographically (i.e.  4-6 verses in the east, 2-4 in the west).  So if this makes sense, it was like this...  'witchity-whitchity-whichity-wweEEE'.  


Not sure what else it could be other than the crazy variatinos of titmice (was not a titmouse) or a Mocker, maybe.  I heard a Saw-whet last night around 2am... then a Phoebe.... then a Towhee... silly Mockers.  Not enough (for me at least) to enter to eBird.



4/22, Chapel St. School, Stratford- retention pond and surrounding thickets and wood edges (7:30a)-


(5+) singing Chipping sparrows (always very numerous around the schools field and cut near-by)

(2) Savannah sparrows

(1-2) Pine warblers

(1) Palm warbler

(1) calling Catbird

(2) E. Towhees..... one singing, one calling (they are EVERYWHERE in my area right now)

(4) NRW Swallows

(1) adult Cooper's hawk migrant NE



Still several WTSP around my woods/feeders and cut. Would a mmigrant such as a WTSP copulate NOT on it's breedin grounds??  Because I saw two the other day in my woods 'enjoying each other'.  How long after insemination do birds, for this purpose WTSP, actually lay the eggs??  I have to think they'd have a nest ready, or worked on by copulation.  Interesting indeed.  There does seem to be a larger number of WTSP this year.  Though, my late date last year was in May.


Get out there today before the rain.... tomorrow should bring in some new buddies!

Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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