[CT Birds] Hammonasset

Tom and Dorothy Wadlow joyant at att.net
Fri Apr 23 18:43:27 EDT 2010

Cam Bertsche and I birded Hammonasset this morning.  We viewed the purple
martins near the swan pond and saw one little blue heron flying at the marsh
near the rotary and another later near the traffic circle at Meigs Point
which may have been the same bird.  We also saw one brown thrasher.  There
was an impressive concentration of shore birds at the end of the Moraine
Trail.  About 150 dunlins, 3 black-bellied plovers, 3 ruddy turnstones and
two oystercatchers. Some of the dunlins and bb plovers were showing some
black on their bellies.


Dorothy Wadlow

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