[CT Birds] loons from the porch

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 24 11:48:17 EDT 2010

Forgive me if I'm repeating stories.  I'm sure those at the autumn hawk watches just roll ther eyes by now, and also, I am getting forgetful as I age!
Greg Hanisek's loon sighting reminds me of my yard birds when I lived on Milford's Anchor Beach (a tiny scrap of sand dropped down by the Army Corps of Engineers).  During a winter storm, a Common Loon hauled up on the beach below my porch.  During a Nor'easter, I had a couple Sanderlings on the LAWN (a tiny patch of grass) in front of the condo.  
Then there was that imm. White IBIS that flew past the window as I was sitting on my couch watching a football game...
I've had Loon fly-overs at my yard in Bethany.  Maybe I should keep a can of sardines with the feeder supplies in case one decides to "land"(?!).
I wonder if they'd eat Bumble-Bee Tuna...
Steve Mayo 

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