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Sun Apr 25 20:09:13 EDT 2010

It seems that Patrick Dugan is razzling and dazzling them in South  
Florida.  Check out this April 24 post which was on BIRDBRAINS, a  very popular 
Florida birding listserve.   I loved it when Robin Diaz  referred to Patrick as 
his own "personal  iPat".             
Carolyn Cimino, Waterford
Subject: TAS Bird Walk: Cape Florida (Miami-Dade  County)
From: Robin Diaz <rd4birds AT BELLSOUTH.NET>
Date:  Sat, 24 Apr 2010 15:01:54 -0400

After enduring horrendous traffic snarls on Key Biscayne, 20 sharp-eyed and 

super-fun birders joined together this morning in Bill Baggs Cape Florida 

(Miami-Dade County) for the Tropical Audubon walk. The breezy ESE 

may have pushed migrants farther west, but we still snagged nice birds. We 

13 warbler species, including male Hooded and Swainson's. We enjoyed good 

at Bobolinks and Blackpolls but the Yellow-billed Cuckoo was shy. A special 

treat was an in-the-hand Worm-eating Warbler, who didn't seemed phased by 


We were wonderfully entertained by special guest, CT birder Patrick Dugan, 

famous birdsong whistler. We had our own personal iPat! No doubt, if a 

Wren was in the vicinity, it would have joined Pat in song. Seriously, 

is extraordinary and to see/hear the transcript of his NPR interview in 

February 2010, see the link below. If possible, play the audio version of 

interview in order to experience his incredible talent. 


Robin Diaz

Key Biscayne, FL 

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