[CT Birds] Predator niches

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 26 00:15:37 EDT 2010

I believe Steve, maybe what your asking is more like two niches that are similar.

What the Red-shouldered hawk feeds on during the daytime, is the same or closely 
mirrors the Barred Owls at night. Both prefer swamp creatures.

The same can be said about the Red-tail and Great H Owl I think as well.

It seems predators have evolved to capitalize on a niche that is open to them and their
ability to catch them. In this case, a diurnal predator is replaced with a nocturnal one 
that can use the same habitat with no other competitors to compete with. Which brings up 
a question. 
If accipiter (hawks) catch diurnal birds during the day, then what other species
 of predator catches them at night? I would assume none, because most all birds are not
 flying at night and this prey then is not available, yes?

Paul Carrier

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