[CT Birds] Trans-gulf migration - fire up the slick??

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Steve & CT Birders,

Setting fire to oil slicks is a mitigative strategy, though not often employed as far as I know.
Fumes from any grade oil can be fatal to birds and mammals, causing pneumonia, internal lesions, 
lung damage.
This situation is a catastrophic nightmare that's not going to end soon - beyond current capabilities 
for quick remediation.  It may well reach or even surpass the magnitude and environmental impact of 
the Exxon Valdeez disaster which continues to this day.  This certainly should give President Obama 
serious doubts about allowing more oil drilling off the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Meredith Sampson
Old Greenwich

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Subject: [CT Birds] Trans-gulf migration - fire up the slick??
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I hope someone in the birding community is giving input to authorities that are considering setting fire to the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. I wonder what the impact would be on peak trans-gulf migration considering the size of the slick. Late migrating species might take a big hit. I also wonder if fumes are emitted from the slick. Perhaps there are no fumes from unprocessed crude ... ? Perhaps this seems like an absurd idea but I read it was actually done once before.
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