[CT Birds] directions for YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER in Pachaug

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Wed Apr 28 15:02:24 EDT 2010

In response to Dave's request for info concerning the whereabouts of the  
Yellow-throated Warbler currently in Pachaug SF:
I was with Bob Dewire's group last Sat. when we saw the Yellow-throated  
Warbler and will attempt to give some good directions, but I'm not very 
familiar  with Pachaug, only my second time there, neither time driving, so I hope 
I'm  correct with the directions.  I will also say a few words about what 
the  bird was doing and what he sounded like to me.  
First, semi-accurate directions: go in the left entrance on RT. 49,  get to 
the campground and rhododendron sanctuary, drive past the rhodo.  sanctuary 
(you are on a dirt road), continue on this road a few minutes past a  
stream and swamp, this area may be called Frog Hollow???  Soon off to the  left, 
there is a pulloff with a pile of logs nearby.  This is the general  area 
where we saw the YT Warbler.  He was singing very loudly on both sides  of the 
road and would at times go well into the woods as if he were making a  loop 
to declare his territory.  We all decided it was better to station  
ourselves at different points in the road and wait for him to return-- he  was  
constantly moving and singing high up in the trees, often at  quite a distance 
from us.  He did this loop thing for the entire hour and a  half that we 
were there.
What really threw me off at first was his song.  I was convinced that  what 
I was hearing was a yellow-rumped and not a YT warbler.  It was  definitely 
a two part song, but did not sound much like what is on my Birdjam,  much 
less emphatic.
We all worked really hard for that bird!  Also of note, in the same  area, 
same side as the pulloff and just before it, there are some piles of brush  
with two Winter Wrens here-- the constant singing of one of them did not  
help when we were trying to hear the Yellow-throat.  (I didn't think that  
there would ever be a moment in my birding days when I would actually want a  
Winter Wren to stop singing!!  But we did great great looks at both of  them.)
There is also a Red-breasted Nuthatch in this area.
The BT Green and the 2 N. Waterthrushes that Bob reported were at the  
Rhododendron Sanctuary.  By the way, that boardwalk is very precarious  rignt 
now.  Be careful to spread out if you go in a group.
So just to sum up, the YT warbler was covering a lot of territory--  best 
not to go chasing after him in the woods-- he will eventually come out  to 
the road again. Be patient.
Hope all this makes sense.  I would also love someone to comment  either 
online or offline to me about variations in the YT  warbler song.
Carolyn Cimino
Waterford, CT

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