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Wed Apr 28 15:05:21 EDT 2010

4/28   Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center   10AM-1PM
cloudy, drizzle, 50, high tide rising.
The female osprey sat on her  4 eggs the entire 3 hrs, except for a  brief 
fly around the nest (for exercise, I suppose).  the male osprey was  on his 
perch the entire 3 hours, consuming a fish and snoozing on and off.   At 
10:50AM, a third osprey entered their airspace which caused a commotion-lots  
of calling and the resident male flapping his wings (not letting go of that  
fish) in quite a display.  The interloper osprey then left the  area.
Other species on the marsh were 225 Brant, 2 Greater yellowlegs,
29 mute swans, 6 unidentified peeps, 4 Great egrets, 1 mallard, 2 Black  
ducks. In the feeder area was an 
Eastern towhee (f.), house sparrows, 7 white throated sparrows, 1 song  
sparrow, mourning doves, a cardinal, red winged blackbirds, common grackles,  
robins.  1 Female  Turkey foraging in front of the building.
After a quick visit to my mother in Woodbridge, I drove near Konold's Pond  
briefly and had many barn swallows swooping all around the road going to  
the animal shelter there.  I drove very slowly and they just about avoided  
my car.
I still have 3 white throated sparrows in my yard.
Bev Propen, Orange
P.S.- As an aside regarding the oil spill in the Gulf-it is soooo  
disturbing.  neither scenario for remediating the oil spill sounds very  good for 
So very sad.  Maybe the only good to come of it would be for Obama to  
reconsider any further construction of oil or gas exploration  .

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