[CT Birds] Stonington Landfill, Summer Tanager NO

Jacob Musser Jacob.Musser at Yale.edu
Wed Apr 28 20:33:34 EDT 2010

Just writing to report my unsuccessful attempt this evening looking for 
the Summer Tanager.  The landfill is located on Greenhaven road just 
east of the town of Stonington.  This is the same road you turn onto 
from highway 1 when going to Barn Island (however to get to Barn Island 
you have to take an immediate 2nd right).  To get to the landfill, turn 
off US 1 onto Greenhaven Rd and continue until you pass over the 
railroad tracks (no more than a couple miles).  The landfill is 
immediately after the railroad tracks on your left.

If you walk into the landfill there is a dirt two track, or perimeter 
road, which circles it.  The landfill isn't very big, and it takes no 
more than 15 minutes to walk the perimeter loop. Bob informed me that he 
saw the bird in the thick brush on the landfill side of the road on the 
east portion of the loop (the landfill entrance is on the west).

As an additional note, it was extremely windy when I was out there and 
most birds were hunkered down.  The brush where he saw it is very thick 
and the bird could very easily still be there.

All the best,

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