[CT Birds] Milford and Shelton birding...

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 30 18:54:08 EDT 2010

4/30, Silver Sands SP (around 1:15p)-


In marsh behind AMC Office, and surrounding edges:


(1) Lesser Yellowlegs

(2) Wilson's Snipe

(2) Warbling Vireos (FOY)

(1) Yellow Warbler

(1) Barn Swallow



4/30, Shelton Lakes Open Space trails (5 seperate areas, cumulative totals... big place) (3:15-5:30p)


(1) male Scarlet Tanager (singing)

(x) Chipping Sparrows

(1) Brown Thrasher

(3) Hermit Thrush

(1) Wood Thrush (heard)

(3) Tree Swallows

(4) Bank Swallows (FOY)

(1) Brown Creeper (wow, that is like a sure-thing there)

(1) Pileated male, calling and drumming

(1) male Junco 

(8) White-throat Sparrows (some in juv. duds... Junco with them)

(2) Blue-headed Vireos

(4) Blue-gray Gnatcatchers

(2) E. Towhees (singing)

(3) Black-thraoted Green warblers (FOY)

(1) Prairie warbler (singing.... amazing looks)(FOY)

(2) Blue-winged warblers (FOY)... FINALLY, one of my favs...

(10+) Pine warblers

(1) 'yellow' Palm warbler

(4) Black-and-white Warblers

(2) N. Parula (one looked like a female, then other singing)

(2) Ovenbirds


Got my neck stretched good and ready for the warbler push today, thats for sure!!  It's only 8, but I;ve been waiting for so long to get a good warbler species tally!



Also at Shelton:


Many J. Duskwings, (4) E. Tiger Swallowtails, (1) Black Swallowtail, (2) Clouded sulfers, (x) Azures, (1) Viceroy, a female Widow skimmer, (1) Ribbon snake, wood frog, snapping turtle, blac racer snake, garter snake, red efts,  viewed nesting grackles and RWBBirds, blooming Trout lillies, blooming Pink ladies slipper (one of my fav wildflowers after Jack-in-the-pulpit), true watercress, violets.....   gorgeous day.



Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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