[CT Birds] CC Arboretum and Lyme birding: OVENBIRDS, yellow warblers, BROWN THRASHER

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Fri Apr 30 19:26:35 EDT 2010

4/30 Conn College Arboretum and Lyme birding with Betty Zuraw:
Betty Zuraw and I spent most of today in southeastern CT.  It was  
definitely a quiet day as far as migrants were concerned, but we had some nice  
birds nonetheless.
Here is "la creme de la creme" of what we saw today:
New London: CC Arboretum
blue-headed vireo
warbling vireo
pine warbler
3 yellow-rumped warblers 
2 red-shouldered hawk 
tree and barn swallows
1 e. phoebe
 Lyme: Gungy Road powercut 
2 field sparrows
1 e. kingbird
2 blue-gray gnatcatchers
1 red-tailed hawk
Lyme: Ely's Ferry Rd
3 yellow warblers
1 hairy woodpecker
1 blue gray gnatcatcher
2 e. bluebirds
1 osprey
 Lyme:Nehantic SF
NOTE:  As Dana said a couple of weeks ago, take great care when  driving in 
Nehantic Forest.  The main road in off Rt. 156 (Keeney Rd) is in  horrible 
condition.  Betty and I went only as far as the swamp bridge, i.e.  less 
than a mile in, so we don't have much to report from that area other than  the 
two ovenbirds.  I would recommend not venturing in there with anything  less 
than an SUV or truck.  
Great day to be out!
Carolyn Cimino

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