[CT Birds] Some Warbler Info

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Fri Apr 30 20:53:06 EDT 2010

I have a staggering amount of records for May. So, I decided to take  
a closer look at some rare warblers, but their records are still too  
numerous to include in "On this Date"

Now, considering I am looking at the same sources for all 6 species.  
And these species would likely be reported at the same rate. One can  
assume the number of records reflects the relative abundance of these  
species compared to each other. So, the most common of the group is  
Mourning Warbler and the rarest Orange-crowned Warbler

MoWa	Mourning Warbler	93 Records
KeWa	Kentucky Warbler	54 Records
PrWa	Prothonotary Warbler	35 Records
YTWa	Yellow-throated Warbler	32 Records
CeWa	Cerulean Warbler	30 Records
OCWa	Orange-crowned Warbler	10 Records

May is divided into 6, 5 day segments
For each species the number is the number of records for that period

Orange-crowned and Prothonotary are most often found early in the month
Mourning Warbler is most often found late in the month
The remaining are most often found in mid-month

Dates	1-5_6-10_11-15_16-20_21-25_26-21
OCWa	04_01_03_01_00_01
PrWa	14_05_09_03_04_00
KeWa	03_12_10_13_07_06
CeWa	02_06_11_04_04_01
YTWa	05_08_07_06_02_04
MoWa	01_04_09_22_29_27

Note: These results reflect the information in my possession which  
are not to be considered complete

Dennis Varza

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