[CT Birds] Mansfield and Boston Hollow Thursday, 4-29 and Friday, 4-30

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Fri Apr 30 22:32:22 EDT 2010

For Dave Provencher - very sorry to hear of your loss.  As  I hope you 
found out today on your run, your prediction was right on, at least  in this 
part of the state.
Thursday, 4-29:
Mansfield Hollow:  1 Pine Warbler, 2 Palm Warblers, many  Yellow-rumps, 2 
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.  Most of the birds were in  flowering fruit trees 
long since gone wild.  Maybe for insects feeding on  the flowers?
Boston Hollow, Westford:  Pine Warblers, Yellow-rumps, 4  Northern 
Waterthrushes, 3 Black-throated Green Warblers, 1 Winter Wren, several  BG 
Friday, 4-30:
Eagleville Preserve, Mansfield:  At least 5 FOY Yellow  Warblers, guess I 
found the ones you are missing Dave.  What a treat to see  and hear them 
again, even though we will soon be shoving them aside to see the  "good" birds.  
2 FOY American Redstarts,  this is always a great  location for them.  1 
FOY Blue-winged Warbler, quite dependable here.   2 Black and White Warblers, 
not FOY for me, but first ones away from the  shoreline.  1 Louisiana 
Waterthrush, many Yellow-rumps.  Several  Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.  Oddly, I have 
not seen a Palm here this  year.  Also, 1 Belted Kingfisher flying up the 
Here is a link to some Warbler pics, I have not had a chance to  edit them 
yet, other than cropping.  My son is getting married tomorrow, so  my time 
has been somewhat limited. I hope to make the Bent trip on Sunday,  though.  
Don Morgan

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