[CT Birds] Ashford and Mansfield Sightings

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 21:13:35 EDT 2010

In Ashford along Wormwood Hill Rd. near Leander Pond a White-crowned Sparrow was seen among 4 White-throated Sparrows.

At UConn 2 Purple Martins returned to the area behind the Young Building next to a gazebo which is a short walk 100yds south of the Dairy Bar. Last year a pair fledged 3 birds after nesting in a wooden martin house. In cooperation with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, generous Natchaug Ornithological Society members funded the installation of a pole and 8 rack-mounted plastic gourds which we hope the birds will begin to use instead of a difficult-to-maintain wooden box. If you visit the UConn Dairy Bar this summer there may be some interesting birds close by on Horsebarn Hill including (hopefully) nesting Purple Martins as mentioned; American Kestrels (box on a utility pole), Savannah Sparrows and Bobolink on the east slope of the hill; and possibly Eastern Meadowlark on the east or west slope.

In Willimantic I had a high count of 15 Chimney Swifts this evening.

Friday there were 2 Osprey near the boat launch area of Mansfield Hollow SP with one bird doing a display clutching a fish for the other bird.

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