[CT Birds] Interesting Godwit NO, other notes from Hammo

Jacob Musser Jacob.Musser at Yale.edu
Sun May 2 17:02:14 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Looked for the godwit reported from Neck Rd, just west of the town of 
Madison (you can turn south onto Neck rd. from US 1).  The godwit was 
seen originally by Chris Elphick.  According to him it was flying by at 
a pretty close distance going to the north, back towards US 1.  This is 
a large saltmarsh area which can be viewed from multiple locations.  
Chris was near the end of the road when he saw it.  Unfortunately, I 
only had about 30 minutes to look for it before I had to head off so it 
could still be around.

At Hammonasset State Park (before looking for the Godwit): 4 COMMON 
TERNS at Meig's Point.

All the best,

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