[CT Birds] Ruffed Grouse at Barn Island, Stonington

Robert Jones rtjone7 at gmail.com
Mon May 3 17:42:26 EDT 2010

>From Bob Jones
5/3 Stonington, Barn Island  Ruffed Grouse
I know this seems unlikely, but this bird exploded out of some shrubs about
15 feet from me, and flew away west across the road and through the woods.
>From the northeast parking lot, take the path north past the field with 4
bird boxes on your right.  At the north end of the field, there is a gate in
the wall.  The bird flushed from the bushes between the road and the wall,
just south of the gate.  He seemed to come from a few feet up, not from the
ground.  He may have been eating buds in the shrubs.  When I was leaving, I
mentioned the grouse to two birders, who said they had seen what they
thought was grouse poop in the same area.  So the bird may be feeding there,
and might be relocated.  I saw it at 1:30 today.

To reach the northeast parking lot, take Greenhaven Road south from Rt 1 to
Stewart Road.  Right onto Stewart to a small dirt road on the right about
1/4 mile down, just after a large new house with a pond.

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