[CT Birds] Common Eiders on Tuxis Island

peeplo at aol.com peeplo at aol.com
Mon May 3 21:25:04 EDT 2010

3 May 2010: I was scouting for our upcoming big day, and discovered 20 young male Common Eiders sitting on the rocks just to the west of Tuxis Island in Madison. I was viewing them from the Middle Beach parking lot which will soon be closed to out of towners..  Most appeared to be first spring birds... There were also 5 Common Loons in basic plumage and 1 adult male Surf Scoter.  The island has a number of nesting egrets, Ibis, and cormorants.  I saw 16 Glossy Ibis leave from the trees on the Island.  There were 7 Double-crested Cormorant nests visible, 7 egret nests, at least two each of Snowy and Great, and a Green Heron.  Both Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls are nesting on the island, as well.  An American Oystercatcher was walking on the rocks.  At the boat ramp at Neck Road, I counted 19 Osprey (at least 9 pairs), 16 Willets, 24 Least Sandpipers, 1 Glossy Ibis, and two singing Seaside Sparrows.  

In the morning, there was a good movement of migrant landbirds at Wilcox Park in Milford.  4 Northern Parulas, 2 Yellow Warblers, 3 Yellow-rumped, 1 Black & White, 1 American Redstart, 2 Ovenbirds (singing ecstasy song) 2 Common Yellow-throats, 3 Scarlet Tanager, 2 House Wrens, a Wood Thrush,and 5 Gray Catbirds.  On May 1 there was a Cuckoo Species.  I only had a quick look as it flew through the trees, then landed in the under the canopy and disappeared.. There have been Common Loons flying over daily since the first, including two breeding plumaged Common Loons which flew over heading north, today.  Frank Gallo

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