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dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk
Tue May 4 09:43:19 EDT 2010


Goldfinches certainly declined here at Ashford over the last week 
although still four on 5/3 - max 16 on 4/16.  A single SC Junco seen 3 
dates since mid-April - the last 4/21.  1 White-crowned Sparrow put in 
an appearance 5/2 (thanks Chris!) whilst at least one White-throated 
still present although 6 on 4/20.  A banded female Cardinal is still 
coming to the feeders after one was first seen autumn 2007.  Female 
Grosbeak turned up 5/1 after a male on 4/30 - spring 2009 we had two 
"pairs" including a banded female.  The E Pheobe over the back porch is 
now incubating 6 eggs.  Purple Finch regularly (2 on 4/30) with a very 
familiar (to English eyes) male House Sparrow (4/25).

The Church Farm preserve (Joshua Trust) forming the flood plain of the 
Mt Hope River opposite the Church Farm Field Station facility on route 
89 and which I try to walk regularly was very very quiet a week ago 
with no summer visitors.  Yesterday (5/3) 8+ Yellow Warblers, 2 Blue-
winged Warblers, 2 Catbirds and 1 Swamp Sparrow all apparently 
territorial as also Am Robin and RW Blackbird (3 each) .  It is likely 
that the banded Cardinal and Grosbeak originate from banding activities 
at the Church Farm facility a few years ago when owned by Trinity 
College (Hartford).

Dennis Elphick

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