[CT Birds] Willimantic this week and Belding WMA (Vernon)

Brian Hiller mudbat13 at hotmail.com
Tue May 4 12:05:13 EDT 2010

This week in Willimantic we've had several new arrivals including the following;


Gray Catbird                       2 (eating sunflower hearts)

Baltimore orioles                  2

Eastern Kingbird                  1  New yard species

White-crowned sparrow        1 (second ever in 7 years)

House wren                        2

Yellow rumped warbler          11

Black and White warbler        1

Chimney swifts                   21 (high count)



This morning at Belding WMA in vernon I had the following;


Great Crested Flycatcher       1 (calling)

Scarlet Tanager                   1 (calling)

Black-throated green warbler  2

Brown creepers                    2

Ovenbird                             2



Brian Hiller

Willimantic, CT
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