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My hats off to you Hank for posting this crucial and ever true message!

I am amazed they had no fail safe system for what just happened. Especially when they are drilling so deep and have been doing so there for a long time. Why couldn't they have had this "BOX" constructed already for just this emergency use??? This is another devastating event that will top the Valdez incident, and of course our wildlife, it's ecosystems and the earth will once again do the major suffering.
The last paragraph of this piece says it all, and I have attached it here for those who missed it to read and ponder.

Thanks Hank for the enlightenment! - Paul Carrier

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"What happens next in the Gulf of Mexico? Symbolic animal rescues. Millions and perhaps billions spent sopping up oil, digging up marshes, sterilizing formerly fecund shores. Investigations, accusations, blame; and statements that no one is to blame, or that we're all to blame. Litigation that outlasts the victims. And, for the affected human communities, loss of livelihood, loss of faith in our institutions, loss of beautiful places that sustain the soul."
And then, more forgetting. Till next time.#

Charles Wohlforth is the author of the forthcoming book "The Fate of Nature: Rediscovering Our Ability to Rescue the Earth" fateofnature.com.

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