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5/4  Sleeping giant, Hamden
A brief afternoon hike up the Tower Trail had a worm eating warbler-singing beautiful with its neck extended and a pair of
Common Ravens near the rocky cliff up the Tower Trail, also being very vocal.
Bev Propen, Orange

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oday's Topics:
   1. Swainson's Thrush - East Rock (John M. Oshlick)
  2. Osbornedale, and Beacon Falls Bobolinks (Roy Harvey)
  3. Assorted Reports (Roy Harvey)
  4. Willimantic this week and Belding WMA (Vernon) (Brian Hiller)
  5. 5/4/10 Knox Preserve and Strand, Stonington (Larson Eric)

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ubject: [CT Birds] Swainson's Thrush - East Rock
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East Rock - FOY Swainson's Thrush in woods below archery field
John Oshlick 

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ubject: [CT Birds] Osbornedale, and Beacon Falls Bobolinks
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Early this morning I had singing and flying Bobolinks in the hay fields west of 
immon Hill Rd in Beacon Falls.
The morning spent at Osbornedale State Park in Derby netted 52 species, 
ncluding 12 warbler species.  To me the best were the two singing Northern 
aterthrushes in the wet woods behind Picket's Pond, the first waterthrushes I 
ave ever had at Osbornedale.  Year birds included Black-throated Blue Warbler 
heard many, saw none), Black-billed Cuckoo (also heard-only, alas), 
ellow-throated Vireo, Magnolia Warbler, Eastern Kingbird.  One song that had me 
ondering had the cadence of an Ovenbird but was far too soft and the tone was 
ll wrong; it turned out to be a Common Yellowthroat, apparently a confused one.  
wo Green Herons at the upper pond across the street from the Kellog center was 
 pleasant sight.  It has been years since the nested there but I always hope.  
lso, one Solitary Sandpiper in that same pond.
Roy Harvey
eacon Falls, CT

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ate: Tue, 4 May 2010 08:34:56 -0700 (PDT)
rom: Roy Harvey <rmharvey at snet.net>
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ubject: [CT Birds] Assorted Reports
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 From Mark Scott: 5/4/10 -- East Rock Park, Hamden -- VEERY, BLACKBURNIAN 
ARBLER, BLACKPOLL WARBLERS (numerous) and 13 other warbler species, INDIGO 
/4/10 -- Eli Whitney Barn grounds, Hamden (across Whitney Avenue from Eli 
hitney Museum and covered bridge) -- ORCHARD ORIOLES

>From John Himmelman:
5/04/10 - Durham, Fairgrounds -- 3 BOBOLINKS

>From SH Johnston, Farmington
5/04/10 -- Farmington Meadows -- 20+ BOBOLINKS, 1 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW.

oy Harvey
eacon Falls, CT

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rom: Brian Hiller <mudbat13 at hotmail.com>
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ubject: [CT Birds] Willimantic this week and Belding WMA (Vernon)
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his week in Willimantic we've had several new arrivals including the following;
Gray Catbird                       2 (eating sunflower hearts)
Baltimore orioles                  2
Eastern Kingbird                  1  New yard species
White-crowned sparrow        1 (second ever in 7 years)
House wren                        2
Yellow rumped warbler          11
Black and White warbler        1
Chimney swifts                   21 (high count)
This morning at Belding WMA in vernon I had the following;
Great Crested Flycatcher       1 (calling)
Scarlet Tanager                   1 (calling)
Black-throated green warbler  2
Brown creepers                    2
Ovenbird                             2
Brian Hiller
Willimantic, CT
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rom: Larson Eric <eric_r_larson at hotmail.com>
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ubject: [CT Birds] 5/4/10 Knox Preserve and Strand, Stonington
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:30-8:30AM Knox Preserve - 3 Yellow Warbler, 5 American Goldfinch, 5 Canada 
oose, 3 Mallard, 2 Double-crested Cormorant, 1 Great Egret, 1 Snowy Egret, 2 
reater Yellowlegs, 4 Mourning Dove, 1 Northern Flicker, 4 Blue Jay, 2 American 
row, 4 Barn Swallow, 3 Gray Catbird, 2 Chipping Sparrow, 3 Savannah Sparrow, 3 
ouse Finch, Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds, Black-capped Chickadees
8:30-9:00AM The Strand - Two male COMMON EIDER continue to linger off the 
trand, third morning in a row that they've been there.  1 Greater Yellowlegs, 2 
merican Oystercatcher, 5 Osprey, 1 Common Loon, 3 Red-breasted Merganser, 1 
nowy Egret,4 Northern Mockingbird, 2 Purple Finch, Red-winged Blackbirds
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