[CT Birds] Looking for help and advice RE: Kent River Road area

Robert Maleski maleski at msn.com
Wed May 5 07:03:55 EDT 2010

I'm going out to Kent for a couple of days in hopes of seeing warblers.  I would appreciate expert advice on such things as best time of day and good places to go  in the general Kent area other than River Road.


My limited experience is that other than 8 AM -Noon, there's not much opportunity to see warblers.  My expierience with River Road is that aside from the part one can drive and a small distance up the trail from the end of the driving road there are very few birds.


An old birder that wrote about warblers in May a few years ago told me to be sure to check out the new growth fields off the trail for blue-winged and golden-winged, but in my view what looked like they were fields are all now fully grown, and there are virtually no good habitats for those two.  


Opinions and input of any kind would be much appreciated.  I'm on the road tomorrow AM.


Thanks to all.

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