[CT Birds] help with ID

Marty Swanhall mswanhall at earthlink.net
Fri May 7 16:06:03 EDT 2010

On my way home today, I went along River Road in Southbury and saw:

1.  What at first I thought was a phoebe BUT no tail wagging and when it flew off I saw white at tip of tail - could it have been an Eastern Kingbird?  I did see it seem to land on its belly on the Housatonic River and then fly off (assuming with an insect)

2.  Saw a darkish bird for the most part with 'dark red on its sides that I could see but definitely had 'dark red' on its rump - I was looking at it in a low tree branch from above (I guess I really had a bird's eye view).  I thought Baltimore Oriole but it was dark red not orange - could it have been an Orchard Oriole?

As a Science teacher, I am beginning to notice as much as I can when I see a bird but I realize I did not think to look for presence/absence of eye rings, wing bars, etc - then again, I was stopped in the middle of River Road - I will try to do so next time.

Marty from Woodbury

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