[CT Birds] Friday Night Radar, heavy and fast

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat May 8 05:40:09 EDT 2010

Looking back at the radar overnight, migration was reasonably steady all night.  I have seen nights with higher peaks of activity; this was not that heavy, but heavy enough and also long and sustained.

The velocity was particularly interesting as it showed the direction toward the north-east, with the strongest east-bound component I have noticed this season, and the highest velocity I have seen, with large parts of it in the orange (26+ knots) and red (36+ knots).  This leads me to speculate that birds moved inland, not especially hanging around the coast - and perhaps passing through to MA.

However the weather looks to be favoring the coastal birder as the rain is starting along the north edge and north-east corner of the state

I saw no indication of any rain reaching the state until around 4:00 am, and then only starting across the north-east corner and then across the entire northern border.  This means the birds were not "knocked down" by the storm.  (When those events happen the birding can be very good.)

Bottom line, many of the migrants here yesterday are probably gone but even more seem to have arrived.  Be ready for a new mix of birds.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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