[CT Birds] Two days at Rver Road in Kent

Robert Maleski maleski at msn.com
Sat May 8 06:18:40 EDT 2010

 Thanks to my wife who suggested going back at dusk, at 6 PM we saw cerulean warblers at the end of :the driving road.  There were four birds, at least two of which were male ceruleans.  The most rare sighting for Thursday and Friday was another birder.  We saw only one, on Friday, and he was leaving the area at 7 AM.


Other birds we saw:

scarlet tanager males x 2

american redstarts x abundant

common yellowthroat x 2

yellow warbler 

black and white warbler x 4

northern parula x 3

ovenbird x 2

northern watherthrush x 2 and heard a 3rd 

wood thrush x 2

veery x abundant

small thrush could have been other than a veery x 2

baltimore oriole x 3

wild turkeys [heard both days]

pileated woodpecker [heard]

black throated green warbler [possible]

unidentified small flycatcher

eastern wood pewee

eastern phoebe x 2

blue-gray gnatcatcher x 2


rose-breasted grosbeak x 3, inncluding a pair maiting

black vultures x 3 [eating out of a dumpster near our hotel, along with 2 turkey vulture]

yellow bellied sapsucker x 2


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