[CT Birds] Cabela's 5/7 & Ashford (Church Farm Preserve) 5/6

dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk
Sat May 8 07:44:02 EDT 2010


CABELA'S (5/7) - at least 1 UPLAND SANDPIPER - one seen in grassland 
area beyond Pratt & Witney fence and another (the same?) watched for 
several minutes bathing in pond; 2 GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS; 2 SPOTTED 
SANDPIPERS; 1 GREAT BLUE HERON; at least 4 (possibly 5) KILLDEER - one 
pair copulating; 10 LEAST SANDPIPER

CHURCH FARM PRESERVE (5/6) - 2 EASTERN KINGBIRDS (on the same trees as 
spring 2009!); 2+ COMMON YELLOWTHROATS again pretty much on the same 
territories as spring 2009; 2 (pair?) COOPERS/SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS 
mobbing Red-tailed Hawk very high up.  Surprisingly little Catbird 
activity but Yellow Warblers had incrased to 20 or so singing birds.

Additionally, male RB GROSBEAK (5/6 & 5/7) and male and female RUBY-
THROATED HUMMINGBIRDS (5/7) at feeders Ashford and 1 WOOD THRUSH 
Eagleville (5/7).

Dennis Elphick (Ashford)

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