[CT Birds] Mourning and Hooded Warblers Wilton/Redding

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Tue May 11 12:18:02 EDT 2010

 Hi All,

After a couple of great days birding in Central Park NYC (including a nice day with the Sunrise Birding group Saturday) it was nice to be back in Connecticut to do some birding. For the last few years I have run a couple of spring walks for the Meadow Ridge retirement community in Redding and today we set off for a rather cool but fun walk on their property. As well as the rather nice assortment of regularly breeding shrubland birds we discovered a heartily singing and beautiful HOODED WARBLER, a new bird for the site and perhaps one lingering to breed - the habitat certainly look about right. In the fields there were three BOBOLINKS seemingly lingering with intent in the meadow (with two males chasing a female around - isn't this always the way!) Also at Meadow Ridge were a surprising number (at least to me) of flyover breeding plumaged COMMON LOONS (around a dozen making use of a let up in the winds).

A quick stop on the way home at Allen's Meadows produced a singing MOURNING WARBLER  at the back of the pond behind the DPW site as well as a couple of ORCHARD ORIOLES. A pretty nice morning all in all. 

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

>From Luke Tiller:
05/11/10 -Wilton, Allen's Meadows 'fishing pond' -- 1 MOURNING WARBLER, 4 ORCHARD ORIOLES
Redding, Meadow Ridge -- 1 HOODED WARBLER.



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