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I'm forwarding this message for a colleague in our department at UConn.  This is a little off-topic but I think it may be of interest to birders.  

He is studying an ant that has been introduced in Massachusetts, and is primarily interested in information from that state - either of likely records that he can follow-up on, or of sites with suitable habitat (wetland) where you have spent a lot of time but not encountered it.  I don't believe the ant has been found yet in Connecticut, but it is spreading, so I'm sure he'd be interested in any reports from this state too.  Full details below.


I am a biologist studying an invasive stinging ant that is spreading in New England. We are seeking help from parks, nature centers, and similar organizations to find locations of this species. It is the only ant in Massachusetts
that readily stings people. The sting is painful and may cause swelling
and itching for a day or two, so anyone unfortunate enough to run into
this insect usually remembers. For this reason, we are often able to
locate the ant through reports from people who are active outdoors.
let us know if you encounter stinging ants in your area. Specific
locations are very useful, such as street addresses or names of rivers,
ponds or other landscape features. Negative answers are also helpful.
We’d be happy to answer any questions. The ant, Myrmica rubra, is sometimes called the “European fire ant.”
They are reddish brown and about a quarter of an inch in length. Some
basic information (including a photo) is available from Wikipedia:

Many thanks,

Eldridge Adams
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University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3043
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