[CT Birds] Hammo, Church Farm Preserve & Ashford yard

dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk
Thu May 13 13:55:20 EDT 2010


An accumulation of records over time.

One error in my Hammo post of 5/5.  For Seaside Sparrow read Saltmarsh 
Sparrow (really should have got that right!!).  Additionally, ca 25 
Cedar Waxwing (Rotary pools).

I was going to report that I had not seen a Whitethroated Sparrow 
since 5/4 (when singles at both Church Farm Preserve and our yard) but 
one turned up in the yard evening 5/8!


5/8 -  A small flurry of warblers actively feeding in tree tops in the 
yard after the storm had passed overnight included single Blackpoll, 
Black & White and Black-throated Blue with at least 10 Yellow-rumps 
(thanks again Chris - I did get one or two Yellow-rumps and I think the 
Blackpoll but then.................!).  I could certainly do with 

(5/8 - 5/13):  male & female RB Grosbeak and male & female RT Hummers 
at yard feeders daily.  Males of both species regularly seen on Church 
Farm Preserve where 2 male RB Grosbeak vying for territory.  Also male 
Am Redstart seen 5/8 and 5/12 and possibly one additional singing Blue-
winged Warbler (certainly 2 territories as in 2009). Yellow Warbler 
activity has progressed from territorial singing to multi-squabbles and 
lots of alarm calls with very little singing (12-15 possibly more 
territories).  Male Common Yellowthroats "rattling" and alarm calls 
suggesting three territories maybe four.  A  male Wood Duck 5/8.  2 
Kingbirds (5/6) seem to have "gone to ground" although a single bird 
seen on 5/11.

5/10 - up to 10 Am Goldfinches on yard feeders although only 6 on 
5/13.  Pair Downy Woodpeckers, Purple Finches continue daily and the E 
Pheobes are feeding young.  Just singles of Tufted Titmouse, WB 
Nuthatch, Chipping Sparrow, BC Chickadee after 2 (pairs?) regularly and 
latterly the male Downy Woodpecker suggest all probably now 
incubating.  Our neighbor mentioned recently seeing Pileated Woodpecker 
in the trees between our two drives and has two boxes occupied by 

Horse Barn Hill (5/11):   Lots of Bobolink activity (and for much of 
the preceding week) and 2 E Kingbirds.  

Dennis Elphick (Ashford)

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