[CT Birds] Hartman Park, Gungy Rd--CERULEAN W., YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO, least flycatcher

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Thu May 13 15:10:02 EDT 2010

5/13 Lyme: Hartman Park and Gungy Rd. Powercut
Hartman Park and the powercut to the north, both on Gungy Rd. in Lyme,  
were abuzz with birds this morning, not in large numbers, but in variety of  
Hartman Park:
3+ CERULEAN WARBLERS (may have been more; not sure whether the same two  or 
three were moving around a lot)
1 no. waterthrush
2 L. waterthrush
several ovenbirds
yellow warbler
many redstarts
c. yellowthroat
all 4 vireos: yellow-throated, blue-headed, red-eyed, and warbling
1 least flycatcher 
2 great-crested flycatchers
e. phoebe
many B. orioles
wood thrush
blue-gray gnatcatcher
1 rose-breasted grosbeak
1 e. kingbird 
3 blue-winged warblers
4+ prairie warblers
many yellow warblers
several redstarts
2 field sparrows
many B. orioles
2 e. towhees
many catbirds
1 sharp-shinned hawk
impressions:  The following were out in full force today; their songs  were 
almost always in the background:
red-eyed vireo, yellow-throated vireo, Baltimore orioles, yellow warbler,  
catbirds, and those darned redstarts whose song will be my "nemesis  song".  
Just when I think I have them figured out they do something  new.  Today, 
in addition to their song with the slight flutter at the end,  I heard 
several renditions of what I would characterize as a clear, fairly loud  black and 
white w. song, as if it were a black and white on  steroids.  Sure enough, 
that song also turned out to be redstart.
The path I took at Hartman Park was the one that leads to the kiosk and  
small picnic table area and then meanders along the pond/swamp/stream  edge, 
crosses over a brook and ends up at the powercut.  Until today I  didn't know 
 that you could access the powercut from Hartman.
I also birded along Upper Pattagansett Rd, Powers Lk boat launch (no  
ceruleans here), Whistletown Rd (these 3 are in E. Lyme) and Beaver Brook Rd  
(Lyme).  The birding was excellent here also but no birds different from my  
list above, so will not relist them.
 I should also mention that the E. Lyme areas had lots of chimney  swifts 
Carolyn Cimino

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