[CT Birds] No Bats!

lpflynn at optonline.net lpflynn at optonline.net
Thu May 13 21:26:12 EDT 2010

At 8:05 this evening I'm sitting on the deck in my backyard, scanning the skies for bats, I have yet to see any this year but I haven't put much time in.
Bird vocals are quieting down, the dozen goldfinches have left the thistle feeder for the night, still I can hear faint calls of a few catbirds, robins, cardinals and others in the distance.
My cell phone that I left in the kitchen starts ringing, I get up to go answer it, one ring... two rings... three rings... I'm almost in the house now... the fourth ring changes and sounds like a black-capped chickadee, gee I didn't know my cell had that ring-tone, I'm opening the door to the house and realize this sound is not coming from the kitchen.
OMG he got me! I can't believe how this mockingbird exactly duplicated the ring tone and  ring time spacing of my cell phone.
They are incredible! I just hope he doesn't do this at 3 AM.
>From Norwalk,
Larry Flynn

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