[CT Birds] Hammo highlights including White-rumped Sandpiper, Clapper Rails, Wilson's W.

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Sun May 16 21:42:22 EDT 2010

Hammonassett SP- Madison 5/6  Highlights:
restoration marsh:
WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER reported yesterday by Jerry C. is still there.
least sandpipers
semi-palmated plovers
Willards Island
warblers:   Wilson's, Chestnut-sided, Magnolia, N. Parula,  Yellow, 
Redstart, C. Yellowthroat
flycatchers:  1 unidentified Empidonax, 1 singing Willow
note:  The unidentified Empid was not singing.  It had a very  prominent 
eye ring and was located on the most easterly of the three  Willard I. paths, 
near where the orchard oriole was being seen.  I had a  very poor look at 
the Willow Flycatcher which was loudly fitzbewing on the west  side of the 
Willard I. parking lot.  Wish I could have compared eye  rings.
imm. m. Orchard Oriole, B. Oriole
house wren
moraine trail:  In addition to the shorebird usual suspects were  the 
2 CLAPPER RAILS (see location note below)
1 f. Long-tailed Duck
1 Little Blue Heron
1 Spotted Sandpiper
2 C. Terns
20 Brant
There were at least 100 Dunlins present.
The clapper rails started calling as my husband and I were admiring the  
dunlins in their breeding plumage and we were able to get a  decent look at 
one of the two.  The rails were in the grasses  just to the left of the yellow 
tape sign at the end of the moraine trail  that says not to go any further.
Interesting least tern behavior:  Two least terns were appearing  like they 
were ready to mate, all the while with the male holding on to a little  
fish in his mouth.  When they finally copulated, he still had the  fish.  As 
soon as his duty was done he stuffed the fish in Madame's mouth  and flew off. 
 She looked very happy.  Not sure whether it was more  due to the fish or 
the mate.
Carolyn Cimino

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